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Tom Harcus


  Tom Harcus was raised in a very religious home. He was an altar boy who, over several years, attended church on a daily basis. Although grateful for his spiritual heritage this left him dissatisfied and longing for something more.

This changed in 1978, when as a student at Purdue University, Christ became forever real and personal to him. The change has continued now for over 30 years. These changes have brought about a difference in relationships. Having previously not been able to be committed to a woman for more than 6 months, he has now been married for 25 years to his bride, Dawn. Tom and Dawn have two children, Josh (21) who is currently a student at UNCW and Erika (9) who is in Kindergarten.

After graduating from Purdue’s Krannert School of Business and working in corporate America, Tom attended Talbot and Masters’ Seminaries. He has served on the pastoral staff of three churches over the last 20 years of ministry, which includes 13 years as the founding pastor of Mountain View Community Church (1992-2005) in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tom received his doctorate in Leadership for the Global City from Bakke Graduate University in Seattle in June 2005.

Tom and Dawn are the more active types. Along with keeping up with their children, Tom stays active competing in triathlons (swim, bike and run), surfing, tennis, fishing, hunting, and playing guitar.











Matt Moorehead


God got a hold of Matt’s life during his junior year of college. For many years Matt gave himself to all the world tells us will satisfy us, which was only fed by some of the success he experienced in high school and college athletics. During the summer of 1999 at the University of Northern Colorado he began to feel a deep sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction with his life and shortly thereafter, by God’s grace, gave his life and heart to Jesus Christ.

After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a Finance degree, he took a position as an insurance adjuster which is the position he currently holds vocationally. Since coming to faith in college, Matt has increasingly felt the Lord calling him to pursue pastoral ministry. From 2004-2006 Matt participated in a two year seminary-equivalent training at Mountain View Community Church in Fort Collins, CO, after which he became a licensed pastor with the Missionary Church. Matt came on as one of the pastors of Mountain View Community Church (MVCC) in the Fall of 2006. Shortly after, Matt and Haley felt led to be a part of God’s work on the east coast and in May of 2007 they were sent out by MVCC to Wilmington, NC to be a part of Crossway Chapel of Wilmington.

For the last 11 years Matt has been married to Haley and they have five daughters, Taylor (10), Ashlyn (8), Hope (6), Aubrey (3) and Payton (11 months). Haley works full time at home with their girls and she gladly traded the snow of CO for the sun of NC. The Mooreheads enjoy traveling as a family, hanging at the beach and they love to stay active with basketball, tennis, swimming and family dance parties in the living room.



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    Mike Scheffel



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