CCM: Crossway's Campus Ministry

By Rachel Gracy

Crossway’s Campus Ministry (CCM) at UNCW is thriving and growing, by the grace of God. Currently, the ministry is represented by 30-40 members, with the potential to reach the lives of students all over campus. As a ministry with growing members and resources, we are able to provide events throughout the week to connect students with God and each other.

On Mondays, we meet up to call out to the Lord as a collective at our weekly Prayer Team meetings. Wednesdays, we host our weekly Large Group Meetings, including worship, a message, and discussion. Every Friday, Crossway Campus Ministry offers the students the chance to fellowship at our TGIF events. We end our week meeting up for church on Sundays at Crossway Chapel, and we share a meal together after service, which we call “Post Game.”

There is a lot going on besides these official weekly events. Our men’s and women’s small group Bible studies also meet throughout the week to dive into the Word together. These small groups are where the true growth is happening for each student. God is visibly drawing people near to Himself and saving them through these small groups and the entire ministry as a whole. 

The newest addition to CCM is the worship at our weekly Large Group Meetings. God has blessed the ministry with musicians that have a heart for worship. The Crossway Band invites all members to their practices and uses that time to practice and worship the Lord. These practices are also often held outdoors on campus as an opportunity to reach out and make connections with other students. 

As much as we love each other, we know God has placed us on this campus during this specific time for a reason. By the grace of God, we try to be a ministry that is outwardly focused, constantly reaching out to the students on campus around us. When we become inwardly focused, we tend to forget the reason we are on campus: to shine and share Jesus. 

This is why all of our official events described above are designed for new students. TGIF is designed to invite new friends and introduce them to the ministry in a non-threatening way. Some examples of TGIF are Putt Putt golf, capture the flag, game nights on campus, scavenger hunts, etc. God has used these fellowship events in so many ways, and we are extremely grateful for that. 

God is definitely at work on this campus, and we are grateful that Crossway can be a part of that. We always appreciate prayers! Some current praises and prayer requests for the ministry include:

- Praise: We praise God that we have a place on campus that we can go to pray to Him, worship Him, and interact with friends who love Him. 

- Prayer: that we might be unified and that God would protect us from Satan’s attempts to divide us.

- Praise: The fact that we have a worship band now! Our Large Group Meetings have a completely new vibe! He has ordained it all for His glory!

- Prayer: For boldness in sharing our faith on campus. 

- Prayer: For the hearts of the students all over campus, especially the ones we are reaching out to. May God soften their hearts and open their eyes to their need for a Savior. 

- Prayer: Growth! All members of CCM desperately need Jesus. Please be praying that God will continue to grow us and shape us to be more like Him.