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Matt Moorehead

Lead Elder

Matt has been married to Haley for 15 years and they have six beautiful daughters -- Taylor (13), Ashlyn (11), Hope (9), Aubrey (7), Payton (4) and Shelby (2).  His family has salt water in their veins and they love spending time at the beach.  He has embraced being the "lone testosterone" in his household.  Matt enjoy's all things sports, music (from classical to hip-hop) and spending time with his queen and 6 princesses!

Matt played basketball in high school and college and graduated with a finance degree from the University of Northern Colorado (the "other" UNC :-) ).  Shortly after surrendering His life to Christ in college, Matt and Haley became a part of Mountain View Community Church (the first Crossway Chapel) in Fort Collins, CO. 

From 2001 to 2007 Matt served as a youth ministry coordinator and small group leader before being recognized as a pastor at Mountain View in 2006.  Matt completed a two-year pastoral training program at Mountain View Community Church and is a licenses pastor with Crossway Chapel International.  He and his family were sent out by MVCC in May of 2007 to partner with Tom and Dawn Harcus at Crossway Chapel of Wilmington.  Matt and Tom served together on the elder board of Crossway Chapel of Wilmington from 2007 to 2014.

Matt worked for State Farm Insurance from 2001-2016 and from 2014-2016 Matt's job took him back to Colorado and he and Haley partnered with two other families to start Redemption Church (a Crossway Chapel) in Loveland, CO.  Matt has served as a pastor bi-vocationally for the last ten years and on June of 2016 he and his family returned to Wilmington where Matt has taken on the lead pastor role at Crossway Chapel of Wilmington.




Elder | Director of CW Kidz

As a young man in his early twenties, though raised in a family with good moral standards, Greg did not know Jesus as his Savior. As a matter of fact, spiritual things were not even on his radar. Then life began to close in, as things and relationships became more difficult. The Lord was so gracious as to send a local pastor who knew Jesus to introduce Him and His life giving water.

Greg and Marcia lived in the mountains of Colorado (which they loved) but the Lord laid on their hearts to sell their home and in October of 2005 to join Tom and Dawn Harcus in Wilmington and become one of the founding families of Crossway Chapel of Wilmington.

Fresh to grand-parenting, Greg and Marcia now have two grand baby girls to their eldest son Sean and daughter-in-law Erica, in addition son Samuel (go Wolfpack) and now married daughter Hannah (interior design grad from App State).   

Though the mountains are their favorite landscape/environment, even in a beach setting they still enjoy getting together with neighbors and friends for that hot cup of coffee or tea and great conversation about the lover of our souls. As a Pastors Institute graduate from the first graduating class in Wilmington along with James Larrabee, Greg has, by the grace and Spirit of God continued to deepen his relationship with the one who saved him and the desire to make Him known.



Mike Scheffel


Rachel Ellzey

Administrative Assistant


Micah Wendt

College Director



Jordan Sbardella

Youth Group Director



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